st. patrick’s day #2. seattle. kodak 400tx. diafine #32.

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These images are from the first roll of film I shot on March 11. When I got off the light rail in Capitol Hill, I went directly to a market called M2M ( They have basic groceries, but I went for the coffee and pastry treats they have.

After filling up with nutritious food, I walked toward the downtown area. I passed the Convention Center and noted a conference of writers and publishers ( ). I have always wanted to be a writer, but I do not have the work ethic required. You may have noticed that my blogs have few words included.

This summer I will be 72. The one thing I miss most is the energy I had.

I am now crossing 3rd Avenue. When visiting this great city, you should avoid walking down this street. Seattle is determining how to police certain areas. Until the plans are finalized, they have hired private security that walks the streets and, in doing so, provides a presence that can help keep us safe (

I get to the waterfront and am at Pike Place Market. This is one of the hotspots for tourists in Seattle.

If you want your image captured, Pike Place Market is where it can happen. Most of the street photographers of the city congregate here.

And finally, it is time for the Parade. I head up to 4th Avenue to take a final image on my roll of 400tx…

And load a roll of Kentmere 400 for the parade.

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  1. I got to attend that writers conference, to help my publisher sell my book, which has very few words in it! (Compared to my blog, it’s actually quite wordy.) Don’t give up hope!

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