kentmere 400. nikon f4 and 40mm voigtlander ultron 1:2. diafine #36.

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I have too many rolls of Kentmere Film. The film is economical to shoot, but I like variety, so it will be a while before the final roll gets shot.

I shot the film at box speed with my favorite camera, the Nikon F4. I would use the camera more often, but the battery holder (Mb-20) has a bad habit of not working during a shoot. I remove the batteries, clean up the connections, and knock it around. Sometimes that works but not always. I’ll leave it on the shelf for a while, pick it up after a few weeks, and it works fine till it doesn’t.

The camera is not expensive, so I will pick up another one soon. In the meantime, it will not get the use it should.

Perhaps I will find it this Saturday at a camera show in Kent, Washington (

One Reply to “kentmere 400. nikon f4 and 40mm voigtlander ultron 1:2. diafine #36.”

  1. You have reminded me in the way you take close studies of subjects that photography has a very Mindful element. Studying and savouring that moment to capture with focused considerations. Watching and waiting too when you consider capturing people and their expressions or movement and energy involved in your recent uploads. But also in considerations of the using and choosing combinations with the actual camera in your hands. I like the look of Kentmere here. Nice balance all round. All the best.


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