mamiya 4b. kentmere 100. april 4. Diafine #39.

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Once upon a time, I owned 2 Rangefinder Cameras. They were the Voigtlander R3M and R4M.

And then I sold them. The cameras constantly had repair issues, and keeping them became problematic. I love the Rangefinder experience but doubted I would ever own one again. Then came the camera show last weekend. I saw a table with lots of cameras that were $5.00 each. One of them was a 40mm 1:2.8 Rangefinder. I love the focal length, and the fact that it was a Rangefinder (and only $5) made it an easy purchase.

The purchase may have been a mistake. I have fallen in love again. It is not that there have not been problems. Loading film in the camera has been difficult. The meter is no longer functional. But it does not matter. The image above is the first out of the camera. Not a great image, but it was an extraordinary experience. I remember bringing the images together in the viewfinder and the virtually silent click of the shutter release. How can something so simple become extraordinary? I am in trouble.

Now, I want a Leica MA. A purely mechanical rangefinder film camera that is still built.

It only cost $5600 plus tax. Yes, over $6000 for a film camera.

I thought a night’s rest would dispel the idea. It didn’t. Now I am considering all the lenses I want if (when?) I purchase the camera.

I do things with a Rangefinder that may seem irrational. As I walked by this abandoned building, I stopped and saw this pillar. My camera (yes, my camera) and I could not move on till I captured it on film. Why? I do not know. I printed it this evening, and it makes a great 13×19 print, at least in one person’s opinion.

I am going to bed. I will see if another night’s rest knocks some sense into me. I hope not.

4 Replies to “mamiya 4b. kentmere 100. april 4. Diafine #39.”

  1. The Rangefinder is a wonderful experience. Tried it once only on a Zorki, which now sits under the stairs on a shelf. Your photographs do your impulse buy justice. Your Leica ownership ambitions? My interest was tweaked decades ago when realising that iconic images from the past, that for some reason stirred the soul, were from Leica Rangefinder results. Will never own one myself though. However, yourself as a photographer of enquiring mind , knowledge ownership and fantastic results? It would be a marriage made in heaven. All the best.

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    1. We will see if the marriage takes place. I am researching options and cost considerations. There is so much emotion based pricing in the Leica System one has to be careful. Do I want to be a poor, homeless artist, or a financially frugal picture taker.

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      1. Decisions decisions. That’s a great observation re: emotion based pricing. Spot on. I just took off the Ernst Leitz Wetzler Focotar enlarger lens from the enlarger. Want to protect it as not using the darkroom. It serves as a little reminder how emotionally attached owning vintage is. Living off the NHS pension alone for about 14 months it was tightening the belt time. Better now I’m an official 66 year old pensioner. But sell a lens or fountain pen to improve funds? No way. Financially frugal sounds about right. Cheers.

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