people of seattle. hp5+@800. april 1. diafine #41.

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After the Camera Show, I went to Downtown Seattle and shot some images with my Nikon FM3a, with the Voigtlander Ultron 40mm 1:2 Lens attached, and the Nikon Df, a digital camera.

The day was cool, with sun breaks and temperatures in the upper 40s. I parked downtown at Westlake Center, loaded the camera with HP5+, and hit the streets.

Many of the people that I knew from over 3 years ago are gone now. I did run into one person I knew from the past and asked if I could capture his hand. Otherwise, once I hit the streets, I walk along, approach people, and take their photographs. I am shocked by my behavior as much as some of them are. I seem to be compelled to do it.

What is surprising is that most of the people are not upset. I am quick, and a smile is always involved; once the image is captured, they smile also and walk away.

I told this gentleman that his necktie looked great. It is unusual to see people with neckties anymore. He smiles, and you see the result.

Some people have no idea I have captured their image.

The Voigtlander Lens can be quickly focused at a minimum range of under 10 inches.

Seattle is diverse. When I hit the streets, I want to capture that diversity. As I look at the images, I make up stories of what is happening with them at the moment of capture. Of course, an image cannot tell anyone what is happening. It is just a captured moment.

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  1. A fine bunch of captures. Admire your confidence in having the ability of approach people. I’ve always lacked that quality. Your necktie comment made me smile. I do have a few of the knitted Italian variety. But not everyday use. And as P states, the hand photo is a nice job. All the best.

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