people of seattle. fujifilm 200. mamiya 4b. april 29.

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These shots were captured using the Mamiya 4B Rangefinder. I used Zone Focusing instead of the Rangefinder Patch. There was lots of light, so the maximum shutter speed of 1/250th of a second necessitated apertures above F8 for many of the shots. The contrasty light was tough to meter. If I allow more light, the background will blow out. The image above provides an example. Of course, I could use a flash, but I am not a brave man.

Not as much problem with this image as the Sun is over my right shoulder.

I thought I would like zone focusing. Zone focusing provides adequate focus, but I want more.

One Reply to “people of seattle. fujifilm 200. mamiya 4b. april 29.”

  1. Thinking on your toes re: zone guessing has produced decent results. Judging distance is a difficult one for myself. Light allowance into your camera and foreground shadowing due to faster shutter speeds? I hope I got that right! Can you do an equivalent of dodging and burning on scanners? Or is the information within the colour negative simply not there? Nice to see the Rangefinder used again. All the best.


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