kid’s run. capital city marathon. bergger pancro 400. diafine #55. may 20.

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My previous post was about the marathon held in Olympia over the weekend ( Later, a few hours after the registration, there was to be a race that kids could participate in. I had decided to be there so I went home to get another roll of black and white film. After a frustrating search, I saw no HP5+ or 400TX. The only 400 Speed film I had was a roll of Bergger Pancro 400, a film not suitable for the occasion. Despite the circumstances, I decided to use it; at least, I would see how Diafine worked with the film.

I wanted to set up a shot of the young people running toward me. As the number of kids grew as we neared the start, I saw there more than I thought. If I stayed where I was…

Now I felt safe.

The race starts. It takes me a second to understand I have miscalculated. I knew the kids would run. But I did not realize the energy released when the numbers were large. What could I do?

I am now up against chaos. I turned sideways, and the first chance I had got out of the way.

I took a moment to regroup. I turned back to the race and safely took a shot of those in the rear, where smaller children were with their parents.

A little later, they returned. I had now the sense to stay out of the way.

These images were captured with the Nikon FM3a, with the Nikon 28mm 1:2.8D attached. The images were scanned with the PrimeFilmXE with VueScan software.

I was not offered a ribbon or a cookie.

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