11418 400TX R3M 50 Los Angeles 669-Edit copyHome is something different for everyone. To a king, it is a castle. To President Trump, it is a White House. To me, it is a mobile home. People live and have lived in caves, in trees, on stilts, in yurts, igloos, boats, and rondavels. Our homes can be large, small, square, round, tall, dark, heavy, and light. Our homes can consist of one room or many rooms or no rooms at all. Some have kitchens, and some do not. We could go on and on and develop the concept of “home is where the heart is” but you know that already. The top image is from Los Angeles. Voigtlander R3M with the Artisan 50mm 1.1 Lens on Kodak 400TX. The other image is also from Los Angeles. Nikon N75 with Voigtlander 28 2.8 Lens on Kodak 400 film. 12617 Kodak 400 LA N75 095-Edit


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