DSC_3263-EditSome of us look forward to spring. Flowers bloom, the days are longer, the weather begins to moderate. My spring begins a war for precious resources. I live in an old mobile home. It was built in 1967. Every March small seemingly benign creatures start their yearly march over everything I own. They are not content with a few crumbs on the floor. They want whatever I have. During the winter I can be careless about washing dishes and having clean countertops. In the summer I cannot. Of course, they have offered to clean the dishes and wipe down everything themselves, but they do not have the same standards I have for cleanliness. At first, I would pick up one and take it outside with a scolding. Then he would come back with 2 or 3 buddies. Eventually, this method resulted in scores of the critters coming in every entrance to my place they could find. It was then I was forced to measures I would not have thought I was capable of. It started one morning. I woke to find 5 of them relaxing next to the sink waiting for me to open something to eat. They were acting cool. Pretending they did not notice me. What happened next, I am not proud of. I took a wet paper towel and cleaned them off the counter and into the trash. The rest of the day I went on a killing spree. I stepped on some, squashed some, and washed some down the sink. I went to the store and found that someone had created an ingenious product, Bug Spray. Now I could kill and inflict lots more pain as I did it. I could spray just enough to see them writhe and die slowly. I never knew I had sociopathic tendencies. This did not stop them. When I killed 20 they would send 50 the next day. When I killed 50 they would send a hundred. Now it is to a point where all my waking hours in the spring are devoted to wanton death and destruction. Nikon Df with Voigtlander 90mm 3.5 Lens at 1/125 of a second at 1600 ISO.

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