Seatac Fire 4318 6641I live in a senior mobile home park. A couple of days ago there was a fire. The fire was at another mobile home around the block from mine. It was an older model. The one I live in is also very old. It was built in 1967. A woman died in the fire. She was smoking while on oxygen and somehow things went wrong. Death is a constant theme where I live. We have over 400 homes and the paramedics are seen at all hours rescuing people from the inevitable. When I first moved here in 2010 the flashing lights alarmed me but now they bring comfort to me. I do not like change. I want things to be the same every day. I wake up late, eat the same bad food, try to create an image or two with my camera, and go to sleep after 2 or 3 hours of laying in bed. The flashing lights going by in my windows are part of that sameness. Of course, we all fear death. But I also fear public speaking, the first date, rattlesnakes when I camp in the desert, and how photographers look at my work when I am at some sort of photography meetup. When I had finally experienced these things, I realized my fear was irrational. Perhaps it is the same with death. Since it only occurs once even if it turns out to be something to be afraid of I know it will never happen again. That is some consolation.

Fujifilm X70 (28mm Equivalent) at F8 and 1/125 and ISO 400.

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