6318 LA 400TX FM2 627-EditPresident Nixon was not the first to cry “I am not a crook”. I said the same thing in 1959 when I was a very young man. No one believed me, and no one believed our President either.  Let me tell you what happened. I was a frequent shopper at Sav-On Drugs in Arleta, California. It is a CVS drug store now. Ice cream, candy, gum, soft drinks, school supplies, the store had all the needs that a young boy could want, especially toys. I went into the store one morning and as I entered an older boy (he must have been around 14 or so) approached me with a large box containing a toy. I do not remember what it was. He asked if I wanted it and I said I had no money for it. He then said he had bought it, so it would cost me nothing. I must have been very naïve and not very bright. I said “sure” and he handed it too me. I needed both arms to carry it. So out of the store I go. I then hear someone calling and I turn around. It is the store manager. He asked what I was doing with the box. I told him someone had bought it for me. We went back into the store, so I could show him the person I was talking about. He was not around. “Do you have a receipt”? No receipt. Just a guilty look on my face. He took me into his office and phoned my parents. They came to the store and I recited my story again. As I told the story I could see from the look on their faces they did not believe me. They looked angry and more important they were embarrassed. I knew I was in for it. The store got their toy back. My father got his revenge when we got home. And I was sore for a while.

Nikon FM2 with the 28 2.8D Lens. Kodak 400TX developed in HC-110(B) for 6 minutes @20C.



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