6818 SEA OLY R3M 50 11 Pan F Plus 690-EditFalun Gong is a meditation practice revolving around self-improvement based on the values of truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. Since the late 90’s the Chinese government has tried to suppress the group, which led to the imprisonment of many. The group in Seattle was calling attention to these prisoners of conscience and the how some of them are being killed so their organs can be harvested for use. China will not acknowledge that this happening, but they have acknowledged using the organs of prisoners facing the death penalty and that the practice has stopped.




6718 Seattle FM2 28 50 Superpan 200 670-Edit

6718 Seattle FM2 28 50 Superpan 200 673-Edit



The first image was taken using the Voigtlander R4M and the 7Artisans 50 1.1 Lens. The film was Ilford Pan F+ film developed in HC-110(1:47) for 5 minutes 30 seconds @20C.

The next 2 images were shot on Rollei Superpan 200. The camera was the Nikon FM2. The film was developed in HC-110(1:31) for 6 minutes @20C.

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