Horse Trials F100 HP5 1600 002I went last weekend to the Aspen Farms Horse Trials to watch Eventing. I did not know exactly what eventing was, so I looked it up. Eventing is a 3-day equestrian event which includes dressage, cross country and show jumping.

Horse Trail F100 HP5 1600 001I missed seeing dressage as it was held on Friday, a day before I went to the event. I did see show jumping and cross country. I learned that eventing is not gender or age specific, the events are open to all. At Aspen Farms there were some males competing, but women outnumbered them. As you go up the ladder to the more prestigious events males have a larger presence. It can be dangerous, there were 3 falls during my visit, 2 of them requiring medical care. Competing is very expensive when you consider the cost of the horse and its care, the trailers, and other accessories, and the training needed. Watching the rider and horse work together is the best part, watching the nuances between them as they go through the course.

91518 HP5 Horse Trials F100 005 -Edit

91518 HP5 Horse Trials F100 (6)-Edit

91518 HP5 Horse Trials F100 0010 -Edit

I used the Nikon F100 with Ilford HP5+ pushed 2 stops and developed in HC-110 (1:15) for 5 minutes, 30 seconds, at 20C. I used my Nikkor Micro 55 and the Nikon 70-300G VR Lens.


One Reply to “what is eventing?”

  1. It’s great fun and such a shame you missed the Dressage, that takes a lot of skill & trust between rider and horse.
    Ha, tell me about falling off, my wife ended up judging rather than participating due a bad fall.
    A great series of images.

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