sunshine, sunglasses, and seattle.

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91818 400TX NikEL50auto Seattle 013-Edit-2Rain. From October through early June clouds and showers dominate. From late June till September sunshine dominates and we get out our sunglasses. These images were captured in Seattle on September 29th. Showers have occurred almost every day since. These images were captured with the Nikomat EL and Nikkor-S-Auto 1:1.4 50mm Lens. I developed the film, Kodak 400TX, in Rodinal (1:25) for 7 minutes @20C.

91818 400TX NikEL50auto Seattle 015-Edit

91818 400TX NikEL50auto Seattle 018-Edit

Of course, there are always some who will refuse common sense and decide to face the sun alone.

91818 400TX NikEL50auto Seattle 019-Edit

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