9918 HP51600 FM2 55Micro 005-EditI have never gone to the Washington State Fair in Puyallup. I only went this year to see the Washington State Photographers Exhibition. I was disappointed. I am not sure what I expected but I did not expect boring, safe images that would be forgotten in moments. It was the first thing I saw and after that, I had no real interest to see the fair. I stayed an hour and a half, took a few images, and left for home.

9818 Portra 160 NikEL Fair 007-Edit

9918 HP51600 FM2 55Micro 007-Edit

9818 Portra 160 NikEL Fair 006 (2)


91618 Portra 160 NikEL Fair 001_

9918 HP51600 FM2 55Micro 006-Edit

The black and white images were shot with the Nikon FM2 with Ilford HP5+ pushed 2 stops with the Micro-Nikkor-P Auto 55mm 3.5 Lens and developed in HC-110(1:15) for 5 minutes, 30 seconds @20C. The color images were shot with the Nikomat EL and Nikkor-S-Auto 1:1.4 lens. The film was Kodak Portra 160. Developed at The Darkroom in Southern California.


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