10218 Delta3200 R4M25F4 Seattle 009-EditA couple of weeks ago I took out my Voigtlander R4M with the 25F4 Lens with Tmax P3200 loaded in it. Last Saturday I took the same setup out but this time with Ilford Delta 3200 loaded in the camera. I am not sure there is much of a difference. So much depends on exposure and the way the film was developed. This roll was developed in HC-110(1:15) for 8 minutes @20C. The roll of Tmax P3200 was developed in Rodinal(1:25) for 8 minutes @20C. Then there is how you scan and edit in Photoshop. I guess if I were a film guru I could make a solid statement but since I am not I will only say that both films will work for you if you need a 3200-speed film.


10218 Delta3200 R4M25F4 Seattle 023-Edit

10218 Delta3200 R4M25F4 Seattle 010 (2)-Edit

10218 Delta3200 R4M25F4 Seattle 025-Edit

10218 Delta3200 R4M25F4 Seattle 008-Edit


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