DSC_5464_editedI lived in Los Angeles, California for 50 years. I now live in the Northwest. I sometimes miss California. I love the deserts and have many memories of visits to them. I would love to move back but I have difficulties dealing with heat. I am now in Las Vegas as I write this. I have camped out for a few days and need a shower and warm bed. It has been very cold at night. I have planned to be in California till the end of the month but we will see if that happens.

Oil Wells


Before I went into the desert I spent a few days with my grandchildren. I stayed in a hotel during my visit to Woodland Hills. The Woolsey Fire started the day I arrived. Karen (my significant other) and I went to pick up 2 of the grandchildren at about the same time the fire was coming over the hill about a mile from their home. We took the grandchildren with us and My Son, Joseph, and his Wife followed in their car as the area was evacuated. Their home was saved and they have since returned. They stayed with Mike, Joseph’s brother. The hotel I stayed at was booked solid with evacuees, all of them with a personal story. I did have any images of the fire. At such times that is that last thing on one’s mind.

Saddleback State Park 1


I have included some images of the road trip. They were taken with either the Nikon Df or with my phone, a Google Pixel XL.

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