DSC_5564Happens all the time. You become careless and something breaks. This time it is your Voigtlander R3M. You had it in a camera bag but somehow it got squeezed between other things and the rangefinder glass is broken. You could just zone focus but you need pinpoint focus on some of the shots you are going to take. You only brought the one 35mm film camera and you still have lots of black and white film left. You do research on your phone and you find a place in Las Vegas where you might be able to purchase a camera. It is not a rangefinder but an old Nikon FA. Fortunately, you do have the Nikon 55mm 3.5 micro that you were using on the Df. The tag says $135 and it looks to be in good condition so you purchase it.



All photos were captured with the Nikon Df and the Micro-NIKKOR-P Auto 1:3.5 55mm Lens.


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