11318 HP5 R3M A50 22-EditIn the 1990’s I spent many days in the deserts of California. If I had a couple of days off, I would drive out to the Mojave and camp and hike. One of my favorite places, when I had only a day or two, was Saddleback State Park in Lancaster, about 90 minutes from where I lived. I would set up camp and read or listen to Art Bell Late Night. In the morning I would hike up a couple of miles to Saddleback Butte. The park was rarely used by anyone back then, so I was alone most of the time. On my recent travels, I visited the park again and saw it was much the same as before. It is a special place that introduced me to the Mojave Desert, a place I will never forget. I have lived in the Northwest for the last 16 years and have yet found a place nearby that offers the same experience.

11318 HP5 R3M A50 31-Edit

11318 HP5 R3M A50 28-Edit

Click to access SaddlebackButteSP_WebLayout2015.pdf

11318 HP5 R3M A50 25-Edit

11318 HP5 R3M A50 34-Edit

I used the Voigtlander R3M and 7Artisans 50mm Lens with HP5+. I developed the film in Rodinal for 6 minutes @20C.

11318 HP5 R3M A50 32-Edit



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