12218 400TX800 EL5014 Seattle 169-Edit12218 400TX800 EL5014 Seattle 174-Edit12218 400TX800 EL5014 Seattle 175-finalI shot this series of images with the Nikomat EL. The lens was the Nikkor-S Auto 1:1.4 50mm Lens. I used Kodak 400TX and pushed it one stop. I developed the roll in HC-110(1:31) for 5 minutes @20C.12218 400TX800 EL5014 Seattle 173-Edit12218 400TX800 EL5014 Seattle 176-Edit12218 400TX800 EL5014 Seattle 179-Edit12218 400TX800 EL5014 Seattle 181-Edit









4 Replies to “seattle, december 1, 2018.”

  1. I am surprised to see such a competent use of a 50mm lens in street photography. You must have been pretty close to some of your subjects. The contrast is perfect to my eyes. I find this look pretty difficult to replicate using digital image processing.


    1. I am usually 3-5 feet away when these shots are taken. These situations come up in a fraction of a second and I just focus and shoot and hope for the best. I also use a 28mm and a 25mm lens but it is a bit more difficult for me.

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