12518 Epson HP51600 Seattle 195-EditSunday, December 9, was a very dark day. There was a heavy cloud cover and light rain was falling. The event was to start at 8 AM. The sunrise was 14 minutes earlier. I did not have any Ilford Delta 3200. I did have some HP5+ so I decided to push it to 1600 and make the best of it. There were lots of colors around so shooting in black and white made it less confusing. I was at this event several years ago and thought it might be interesting to what I could capture. I had the Nikomat EL with me and the Nikkor-S-Auto 1:1.4 50mm lens. I developed the film in HC-110(1:31) for 11 minutes @20C.

12518 Epson HP51600 Seattle 197-Edit

12518 Epson HP51600 Seattle 192-Edit

12518 Epson HP51600 Seattle 196-Edit

12518 Epson HP51600 Seattle 194-Edit


12518 Epson HP51600 Seattle 203-Edit


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