121518 EPc R3M50S Oly HP5 489-Edit copyI have been using the 7Artisans 50mm 1:1.1 throughout most of 2018. I like the look of the images and it was something new. I did use the Summicron Collapsible 5cm 1:2 lens a couple of times and dropped it on one of those occasions. I sent it in for repair and got it back in August. Last week I decided to give the lens an opportunity to show what it can do. I still think I like the look of the 7Artisans lens better but the now and then I need to use the Summicron. I used the newly repaired Voigtlander R3M (I am hard on my equipment) loaded with Ilford HP5+ pushed one stop. I developed the film with HC-110(1:15) for 3 minutes, 30 seconds @20C.

121518 EP R3M50S Oly HP5 465-Edit121518 EPc R3M50S Oly HP5 485-Edit121518 EPc R3M50S Oly HP5 486-Edit-Edit121518 EP R3M50S Oly HP5 469-Edit121518 EP R3M50S Oly HP5 472-Edit

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