ilford pan f plus on the washington coast.

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1219 sf roosevelt beach 006-editThese images were captured last Saturday at Roosevelt Beach along the Pacific Coast in Washington State. I used the Pentax 645N with the 75 @2.8 Lens attached. I loaded the camera with Ilford Pan F+ film which has an ISO rating of 50. The weather was cold, dark, with rain, normal weather for this time of year. I needed a tripod for most of the shots and the ones I did not use a tripod were shot at F2.8 with a 1/60th shutter speed. I used Rodinal(1:100) and had the film stay in the developer for an hour. The results of the development were poor. The negatives were very grainy. The film if developed right has very little grain. I will not use Rodinal with Stand Development on this particular film again.1219 sf roosevelt beach 010-edit 1219 sf roosevelt beach 012-edit1219 pan f 645n 75 roosevelt beach 666-editMy feet were dry until I misjudged the surf and found myself taking a tripod shot in a foot of water.1219 pan f 645n 75 roosevelt beach 662-edit As I was nearing the end of the roll some Sanderlings showed up for an afternoon meal.1219 sf roosevelt beach 053-edit




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