2719 HP5800 645 75 OLYMPIA 221-EditWe rarely have snow. This last week we have had more than I have ever remembered since I moved to the Northwest in 2002. As I write this the snow event is ending and rain is mixing with snow. Sunday afternoon I went across the street to the Black Lake Meadows area. Many trees are down but it was a winter wonderland. I took the Pentax 645N with the 75mm 2.8 Lens loaded with HP5+. I made the mistake of pushing the film to 800. After the first two images, I took out a .3 filter to back down a stop. I developed the film in Rodinal (1:25) for 8 minutes @20C.

2719 HP5800 645 75 OLYMPIA 220-Edit2719 HP5800 645 75 OLYMPIA 216-Edit2719 HP5800 645 75 OLYMPIA 214-Edit2719 HP5800 645 75 OLYMPIA 217-Edit

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