We are now learning about the land of middle gray. That is the land all of our cameras exist in. Whenever you are creating an exposure of a scene the meter will darken the lighter tones and lighten the darker tones. If you have fair skin it will want to darken it. If you are taking an image of snow it will darken it. If you are metering a shadow area it will lighten it. All to achieve middle gray. That is why many cameras have exposure compensation so you can change what the meter says is right because you know it might be wrong. To simplify how to correct or become more creative with light we are learning the Zone System. We are using 10 zones of exposure and learning how they work together. I know there are unlimited zones of light but we are being simple. Middle gray is Zone V(or 5, we use Roman numerals). This week we were to create a contact sheet with different subjects in 4 zones, V, VI, III, and II. We would meter zone V, and add one stop of light to achieve Zone VI. Zone III would be 2 stops less light than zone V. Zone II would be 3 stops less of light. Eventually, when composing an image we will be able to use the Zone System to systematically use light to emphasize what is important to us.

I used the Nikon FM2 with the Nikkor 50mm 1:2 to create the assignment. I developed the film in D76 for 10 minutes @20C.

Where I go to school: http://pcnw.org/


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