21319 Evergreen Eco Pro Epson 321-EditMy black and white photography class demands many hours in the darkroom developing and printing images. To do this I need to go to Seattle. It takes a minimum of an hour with no traffic to get there. With permission from the teacher I now can do some of my work in the darkroom at Evergreen State College, which is 5 minutes from my home. They charge $30 a day or $150 a quarter to use it. If you use it at the daily rate and accumulate 5 days you get the rest of the quarter free. To get access you need to pass 2 proficiency tests. One for developing your film, and one showing your ability to use an enlarger. I did the film development test on Wednesday. I developed a roll of Kodak 400TX in Eco Pro B&W Film Developer, which is similar to XTOL but environmentally friendly. I developed the roll at 70 degrees for 7 minutes, 30 seconds at 1:1. I was very impressed with the very fine grain in my negatives. I am thinking of using it at home for some of my work. I shot the roll on my Nikkor EL and Nikkor S-Auto 50mm 1:1.4 Lens. Next week I do the enlarger test.


21319 Evergreen Eco Pro Epson 330-Edit

21319 Evergreen Eco Pro Epson 343-Edit21319 Evergreen Eco Pro Epson 33221319 Evergreen Eco Pro Epson 337-Edit


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