21219 F100 58f28g HP5 Oly 311-EditThe State of Washington’s legislative session ends in early April. From January till that time the legislature will be creating a budget. Many groups visit the capitol during these months in an attempt to influence how we will be taxed and how that money will be spent. Monday afternoon a group from the Libertarian Party gathered to speak out against a proposed capital gains tax and taxation in general. Michele Darnell gave a passionate but balanced speech about reforming our tax system.

21219 F100 58f28g HP5 Oly 302-Edit21219 F100 58f28g HP5 Oly 318-Edit21219 F100 58f28g HP5 Oly 316-Edit21219 Libertarian Rally 006 copy-Edit21219 F100 58f28g HP5 Oly 310-Edit21219 Libertarian Rally 002-Edit

These images were created with the Nikon F100 and the Nikon 58 1:1.4G Lens. I used Ilford HP5+ and developed the film in HC-110(1:31) for 5 minutes @20C.

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