mccleary, washington on portra 400.

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21519 McCleary Portra 400 120 377-EditMcCleary, Washington, lies along State Route 8, which carries traffic from Olympia to the Coastal Beaches. It is a town that depends on forest products, with Simpson Door Company being located in the town and employing 500 people. There are mainly single-family homes with a few small apartments in the area. The town was founded as a logging camp in 1898 and was incorporated in 1943, and today over 1600 live there.21519 McCleary Portra 400 120 371-Edit21519 McCleary Portra 400 120 369-EditKaren and I had dinner at the only restaurant in town and we were satisfied until we found out our 2 slices of pie cost $6 each, a costly dessert.

21519 McCleary Portra 400 120 372It may not have a Starbucks, but you can still find a good cup of coffee.21519 McCleary Portra 400 120 380

The Simpson Door Company.21519 McCleary Portra 400 120 374

You can choose how long you want to stay in town, and some have elected to spend eternity there.21519 McCleary Portra 400 120 384-Edit

These images were created with the Pentax 645N and Kodak Portra 400 film and developed by Panda Lab in Seattle.

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