3119 TMY400 F4 35D XE 019-EditI looked out the window and realized that in a week the beautiful view I had was going to be replaced with commercial development. All those beautiful plants and trees would be gone. Later that morning some cars and trucks pulled up to the site. People got out carrying shovels and other digging tools. They started digging up many of the native plants and put them in the trucks. They were done in a couple of hours. I asked what they were doing and was told they were doing a ‘plant salvage’. They would take the plants they acquired that morning and pot them at their headquarters in the afternoon. Some of the plants would be used to “restore vegetation, re-create habitat, and preserve existing flora”. They also sold some of the plants to help others do the same on their properties.


3119 TMY400 F4 35D XE 012-Edit3119 TMY400 F4 35D XE 0043119 TMY400 F4 35D XE 010 -Edit3119 TMY400 F4 35D XE 024 copy3119 TMY400 F4 35D XE 025

These images were created with the Nikon F4 and the Nikon 35 1:2 D Lens. The film used was Kodak Tmax 400, developed in HC-110(1:31) for 6 minutes, 30 seconds, @20C.



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