21419 645 Lomo 400 GHC 359-EditA couple of weeks ago I was going through my refrigerator taking an inventory of all my film. There was lots of 400TX, HP5+, Portra 160 and 400, some Fomopan 100 and 400, and finally, a single roll of Lomography 400 120 film. I am not planning to buy the film again, and with so much Portra on hand, it would be awhile anyway. I loaded the roll in my Pentax 645N, attached the 75 f/2.8 Lens, and took a week to fill the roll with images.

21419 645 Lomo 400 GHC 35121419 645 Lomo 400 GHC 353-Edit21419 645 Lomo 400 GHC 36221419 645 Lomo 400 GHC 368-Edit21419 645 Lomo 400 GHC 367

It is a beautiful film, and if Portra or Ektar did not exist I would probably shoot it regularly. Panda Lab in Seattle developed the film.


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