st patrick’ day and the nikon z6.

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_DSC0419 copyLast Thursday I received from LensRentals the Nikon Z6. I have the Nikon Df but wanted to see what advantage a mirrorless camera would have over a DSLR. Saturday I took the camera along with the Voigtlander 90mm and 28mm lenses, and the Nikon 50 1/1.8 G lens to Downtown Seattle during the St. Patrick’s Day Festivities. The Voigtlander Lenses are manual focus. I used focus peaking but found that in fast-changing circumstances I still preferred an optical viewfinder. Using the Nikon lens showed me that the Z6 autofocus is faster than the Df and face detection is effective.  I have a week to fully acquaint myself with the camera.

_DSC0349 copy_DSC0285St Patricks Parade Seattle Z6 256_DSC0295 copySt Patrick 2019 Seattle 376_DSC0302 copy_DSC0412

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