5 Replies to “life on the street.”

  1. Hello Steven,

    First off, I’ve been following your blog for a while and I really enjoy your work. I’m always looking forward to each new post.

    In addition to the quality of your photos, I’m also always impressed by the quality of your scans. Do you mind me asking what scanner you use, and what scanning software?


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    1. I have a Epson Perfection V850 and a PrimeFilm XE scanner. I use the Epson software with the V850 and Silverfast with the XE. The XE is the better scanner, it provides more real resolution, but both are good scanners.


      1. Thanks for the information. I’ve been trying to figure out a scanning solution for some time now. Unfortunately, both of the scanners you have are out of my budget, but perhaps I’ll luck out and find a good deal on an XE at auction some day. I typically only shoot 35mm so if I can avoid it I’d rather not have to fiddle with flatbeds and that format.

        Scanning seems to be the bane of film shooters. It amazes me that the community still doesn’t have a dedicated roll film scanner that can make quick work of un-cut rolls and provide excellent quality results. I missed out on the Pakon systems before they more than quadrupled in price. The film scanning situation is a mess. But you achieve very, very good results with your setup. I’m always impressed.

        Thanks again!

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      2. I know you mentioned you were not interested in flatbed scanning, but I used until last year the Epson V600. I know it is not perfect but it was a good compromise for the price.


      3. Yeah, I’ve looked at the v600 as a possibility, but every time I think about how tedious scanning one six-frame strip at a time would be using negative holders and a flatbed I ultimately always dissuade myself from going that route. We’ll see. I’ll figure something out, eventually. Thanks again.

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