Yakima 319 Z6 _016-2-EditI rented the Nikon Z6 primarily to test it with my older manual focus lenses with the FTZ adapter. I wanted to see how it manual focused. With my Nikon Df I can just pick it up and most of the time do a very good job at manual focusing without any help. I was not able to do that with the EVF of the Z6. I tried to rely on focus peaking alone but for precise focus, I found it did not help me. I needed to use the zoom button and then I achieved perfect focus. I wish the same button could be pushed to go back to normal magnification, the zoom out button is right below it. If I used the camera every day I would probably do it very quickly. I also was curious to see how I would compose with a square format. With eye detection on the way, autofocus will be perfect.

Yakima 319 Z6 _051-2Yakima 319 Z6 _052-2Yakima 319 Z6 _106-2

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