31219 fomopan 400 F4 Epson 663-EditWe were on the corner of 5th and Pike in Downtown Seattle. As the light turned green she walked alongside me and asked what I was doing. I told her I was taking photos of people on the street. She told me she was just coming from a fashion show her daughter was in at Nordstroms. As we reached 6th Avenue she turned to cross the street to where her car was but then faced me and asked why I had not taken her picture. She requested I take her picture, at first saying she could pretend to be walking down the street. I was a bit too overwhelmed to try to create a street scene so she was okay with me just taking a few shots of her against the storefront.

31219 fomopan 400 F4 Epson 664-Edit31219 fomopan 400 F4 Epson 666-Edit31219 fomopan 400 F4 Epson 667-Edit-2

These images were created using the Nikon F4 and Nikkor 50 1:2 Lens. The film used was Fomopan 400 developed in HC-110(1:31) for 7 minutes @20C.

3 Replies to “a special request.”

  1. Wow! Stunning sensitive images. The grain gives a simultaneous softening and immediacy that you just can’t get in digital images. (If this street photography thing doesn’t work out for you, you could always go into portraiture.) 😉

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  2. I find these images particularly compelling.
    Just finished my first roll of Tmax100 and was looking to see if you’ve put up images with that film. That’s when I came across these (again). Beyond the photographers vision, how much of the image is the choice of film?


    1. The choice of film certainly can set the mood that the subject exists in. Yesterday I shot a roll of Pan F+ and was surprised at how well it treated the subject. I have trouble discerning what film to use, how to see density in a negative, and what would be just right for a particular scene. Then there is of course how one develops a roll of film. You can use the right film and still ruin the film’s look. Fomopan is a film that drives me crazy, at times it can give a beautiful rendition of a scene and at other times it is overbearing, but I bet I have something to do with that.


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