an introduction to coffee cupping.

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31519 P3200 cupping 762

In coffee circles ‘cupping’ is the means for determining a coffee’s quality and inherent characteristics. For our cupping session, we were provided 6 different coffees from freshly roasted and grounded beans, each in its own cup. All of us attending then smelled each of the coffees and noted the characteristics of each one.

31519 P3200 cupping 740-Edit

Next, each cup was filled with 200-degree water.

31519 P3200 cupping 744-Edit

After 4 minutes…

31519 P3200 cupping 745-Edit

The foam was then removed from the coffee.

31519 P3200 cupping 747-Edit

Now everything is ready.

31519 P3200 cupping 750-Edit

We then are given spoons and a paper cup.

31519 P3200 cupping 737-Edit

We take a spoonful of coffee and slurp it without swallowing, trying to gather all the aroma and particular flavor nuances of each. We then can either swallow the coffee or spit it out in our paper cup. We take the spoon and rinse it in provided cups of clean water and proceed to the next coffee.

31519 P3200 cupping 758-Edit

We are done with the cupping. Now we discuss our experience with each coffee. Did we notice the strawberry in one or the citrus in another? Our host for the event was one of the owners of Olympia Coffee Roasting Company, Oliver Stormshak. He gave us a history lesson on coffee, and how coffee is produced, from the small farmer to our cupping that morning.

31519 P3200 cupping 761-Edit


These images were shot with the Nikomat EL and Kodak Tmax P3200 film, developed in HC-110 for 10 minutes, 30 seconds @20C. The lens used was the Nikkor-S-Auto 50mm 1:1.4 Lens.




2 Replies to “an introduction to coffee cupping.”

  1. Must have been a fine day! If it wasn’t my sleeping time, I would be making myself a cup of coffee now… I had no idea about a session like this… Your images are a beautiful summary of the event. My favorite (perhaps due mostly to my macro-inclined nature) is the one with spoons in a cup…

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