4419 Ektachrome Seattle 27This year I have rarely shot with color film. I am still enrolled at Photographic Center Northwest (http://pcnw.org/) and black and white film is what I am shooting for my classes. I shot a roll of Kodak Ektachrome E100 film a couple of weeks ago and finally picked it up at Panda Labs in Seattle on Tuesday. I usually record the camera and lens used but I seem to have not recorded the information. I should shoot more color and will probably do so but not with transparency film like Ektachrome. I will shoot C-41 and will learn how to develop the film myself.4419 Ektachrome Seattle 25-Edit

4419 Ektachrome Seattle 32-Edit4419 Ektachrome Seattle 33-Edit4419 Ektachrome Seattle 15-Edit31019 XE E100 8-Edit

I do love the rich colors of Ektachrome E100 but it is a very difficult film to shoot in fast-changing situations.


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