4919 Kent Camers Show XE 1-EditOnce a year the Puget Sound Photographic Collectors Society puts on a camera show in Kent, Washington. You can buy a camera, swap your camera for something else, or just visit and talk to friends that enjoy vintage cameras. It has been a couple of years since I have attended. I went with the plan to buy an older fixed lens 28mm camera. I found that most of the older fixed lens cameras at the show had fixed focal lengths other than 28, 50mm was the most popular. I saw a Nikon F3 for $125. When I checked it out I found that it needed some service. The ASA dial was almost impossible to move. I was not interested in a project. For those new to film photography, you can go to the show and pick up a nice camera for $50, and get a good lens for not much more than that. The Shot on Film store had a great table where you could purchase a variety of different films. I bought a roll of film I  have never used, Kentmere 100.4919 Kent Camera Show P3200 082-Edit



4919 Kent Camera Show P3200 073-Edit4919 Kent Camera Show P3200 0894919 Kent Camera Show P3200 090-Edit4919 Kent Camera Show P3200 091-Edit4919 Kent Camers Show XE 2-Edit

I shot this series with my Nikon F4 and Voigtlander 40 1:2 Lens. I used Kodak T-Max P3200 and developed it in HC-110(1:31) for 10 minutes, 30 seconds, @20C.

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  1. Kentmere 100 seems to be one of those stocks people either love or hate. I’m in the former camp. It doesn’t seem to build contrast as rapidly as other 100 speed films, and with a yellow filter cloud-sky separation is amazing in my experience. I look forward to your results.

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