4719 Spring Fair Nik50 P3200 031-EditPuyallup, Washington, is home of the Washington State Fair. There is no official state fair and the original name, the Puyallup Fair, was changed in 2012. The Washington State Fair occurs twice a year, the major event is in September, but every spring a smaller version also occurs. I attended the fall event, specifically to see the photography exhibit, and was disappointed. This time I was not expecting too much and was surprised that I enjoyed the art and photography exhibits. Tacoma Photographic Society curated the event and they did a great job. All ages were represented.4719 Spring Fair Nik50 P3200 029-Edit4719 Spring Fair Nik50 P3200 060-Edit

There were lots of animals to see, a huge petting zoo, and lots of rides. The following image is of two goats head butting, a behavior I learned was normal.

4719 Spring Fair Nik50 P3200 050-Edit4719 Spring Fair Nik50 P3200 0454719 Spring Fair Nik50 P3200 0434719 Spring Fair Nik50 P3200 042-Edit4719 Spring Fair Nik50 P3200 063-Edit4719 Spring Fair Nik50 P3200 036-EditI shot this on the Nikomat EL with the Nikkor-S-Auto 50mm 1:1.4 Lens attached. I used Kodak T-Max P3200 and developed it in HC-110(1:31) for 10 minutes, 30 seconds, @20C.




3 Replies to “back to the fair.”

  1. Excellent images, as always, Steven. That pig race looks like a good time. And wow, what impeccable timing with your exposure! I also really like the one of the person weaving (if that’s the technically correct term for what they’re doing) whatever it is they’re making. You really do have a knack for capturing hands.

    You appear to be shooting a lot of P3200. What’s your personal opinion? Are you liking the look better than pushing HP5 PLUS or TRI-X by a couple of stops? It looks like it captures textures in a very unique way compared to other films.

    Take care.

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      1. Gotcha. I guess I was just assuming you were shooting at 1600 and developing for 3200, since that is what most people report yields the best results with P3200. And your results are so good I figured that’s what you were doing. But that is just further evidence of the quality of your work, and it also answers the question as to whether P3200 actually has a genuinely useful application today that can’t be filled by another film (well, excluding Delta 3200, but they have entirely different looks). Apparently it does, because there’s no way HP5 PLUS or TRI-X would look this good pushed a full three stops. Thanks for getting back to me.

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