it was a bright day on kentmere 400.

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51019 Kentmere 400 800 Seattle FA 570-EditSometimes Seattle can be very annoying. I was expecting clouds but instead had bright sunshine. I had brought along my Nikon FA with Kentmere 400 loaded in it. I intended to push it one stop and in spite of the sun decided to keep it that way.  The only reason I was downtown was to see if I still wanted to participate in acquiring images via photography. There are times I wake up and quit, promising never to return. I did this 2 weeks ago. After a couple of shots, I decided to shoot the roll and develop it. I am not sure I will be as active as I was before. I still want to learn the darkroom and that may take some time in itself. Stay tuned.

51019 Kentmere 400 800 Seattle FA 557-Edit51019 Kentmere 400 800 Seattle FA 558-Edit-251019 Kentmere 400 800 Seattle FA 56151019 Kentmere 400 800 Seattle FA 565-Edit-251019 Kentmere 400 800 Seattle FA 567

I met a nice couple. They had just purchased a Nikon camera. They were curious about my camera and asked if I shot buildings. Sort of, I suppose, I just make sure there are people in front of them.51019 Kentmere 400 800 Seattle FA 573-Edit

I used the Nikkor 50mm F2 Lens and developed the film in HC-110(1:31) for 8 minutes @20C.


One Reply to “it was a bright day on kentmere 400.”

  1. Hi Steven,

    Nice results shooting Kentmere 400 at EI 800 in bright and sunny, and thus contrasty, conditions; and then pushing it a stop. That’s never an ideal scenario, as you noted. I probably would have opted to go the other way, shooting it at EI 125-200 or so and then pulling it a stop in development. Needless to say, the fact the contrast in your photos is still well maintained and kept under control is a real showcase for the flexibility of B&W negative film.

    If you’re going to be doing more in the darkroom and taking a break from shooting as much, I understand. But hopefully you won’t be leaving photography behind for good and you’ll still share your darkroom experiences in the interim. I’d hate to see you quit photography altogether, and I’m sure others would as well. I really enjoy your images.

    Take care of yourself!


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