6419 XE Seattle 7-Edit

Last Sunday I got up very early. I had tickets to see West Side Story with Karen. I do not like to rush so I got to Seattle 3 hours before the show started. I had brought my Nikon FA with the Nikkor 50mm 1:2 Lens attached. After parking the car I loaded the camera with Kentmere 400 and set the ISO to 800. I used shutter priority on the camera, with it set to 1/500th of a second. Karen and I then proceeded to walk the streets for a couple of hours before going for a light lunch.

6419 XE Seattle 5-Edit

It was a very bright day and there were lots of people on the street. When I shoot the street I concentrate on individuals and not worry about the scene very much. I get very close and many times I am discovered. Some people during the shot are a bit surprised but afterwards, usually smile.

6419 XE Seattle 4-Edit6419 XE Seattle 11-Edit6419 XE Seattle 9-Edit6419 XE Seattle 13-Edit6419 XE Seattle 10-Edit

I developed the film in Rodinal(1:25) for 9 minutes @20C. I scanned the film with the Prime Film XE scanner. The show turned out to be very special, with great music and dancing to highlight the powerful love story.

4 Replies to “i had a couple of hours.”

    1. It is easier to do it with an old film camera. I have also found my body language matters and a good hat helps. The first shot is always tough but then something takes over and I glide through the crowd.


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