new york city, november, 2016.

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11519 Lancaster Portra 400 Stop Sign 01-4137It was the Thursday before the fall election of 2016. In a few days, President Trump would be elected the 45th President of the United States. One of my sons called and asked if I could meet him in New York City the next day. He had a business deal to attend to and needed my help with some logistical issues. I flew out that night from Seatac Airport in Seattle and met him the next morning. He had booked us in a hotel near Times Square. I was only needed a few hours each day so I had time to walk the streets of Manhattan. I brought one camera, my Fujifilm X70. The temperatures were cool, great walking weather.

11519 Lancaster Portra 400 Stop Sign 01-407911519 Lancaster Portra 400 Stop Sign 01-4046

_DSF4324_DSF4182_DSF4207 (2019_11_12 06_23_10 UTC)New York City Streets X70 4431 copy_DSF4351 (2019_11_12 06_23_10 UTC)-2

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  1. That’s Manhattan alright. I admire your ability to get in close, facing these people you don’t know, to get the candids. Everytime I’m in “the City” I think about this, camera in hand. – the faces/movements there are characteristic; check out cell phone guy and dog vendor, you’ve got it.

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