2 Replies to “seattle, november 16, nikon df.”

  1. I am wrestling with the idea of “street” in color. It reveals something that B/W leaves up to the viewer to insert. As always, admire your ability to get in close and record humans in action.


    1. Both work but I think it is more difficult to get a good image in color because the colors can distract. I shot a roll of 400TX which I will scan today to see if anything came of it. I also am testing the now-defunct Nikon 1 system. I shot some with it yesterday with not very good results but I think the problem was mine. I did have an issue with one person yesterday. He told me it was illegal to shoot people and I asked him where he was from. He said he was from Poland. I told him that whereas in much of Europe it is a problem to shoot people here in the United States it was not. He said that was not true. I did not see a need to further argue so I told him I would not use the image and walked away.


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