DSC_0727I bought a new camera last week on eBay, the Nikon FM3a. It was made from 2001 till 2006. It can run on batteries or fully manual without batteries. It has an AE button and a -1 flash compensation button. It can shoot in manual and aperture priority mode. You can use TTL auto flash from ISO 12-1000. The first thing I did was to load a roll of Fomopan 100 and attach the Nikon 50mm 1.8E Lens. I shot the roll at Black Lake Meadows across the street from where I live. I brought along my Pentax Digital Spotmeter to test the meter and everything was working fine. I developed the film in R09 One Shot(1:25) for 3 minutes, 40 seconds @20C.

1820 Fomopan 100 FM3a BLMeadows 0101820 Fomopan 100 FM3a BLMeadows 013-Edit1820 Fomopan 100 FM3a BLMeadows 0161820 Fomopan 100 FM3a BLMeadows 025-Edit1820 Fomopan 100 FM3a BLMeadows 030

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