1320 XE Seattle Portra 2 08On this shoot, I am using my Nikon FM2, with the Nikkor 50mm 1:2 and the 28mm 2.8D Lens. I scanned the images on the PrimeFilmXE scanner. The film was developed at Panda Lab in Seattle. My next color post will be with Kodak Portra 800.

1320 XE Seattle Portra 2 12-Edit

1320 XE Seattle Portra 2 161320 XE Seattle Portra 2 101320 XE Seattle Portra 2 041320 XE Seattle Portra 2 241320 XE Seattle Portra 2 22

2 Replies to “seattle, january 1, portra 400@800”

  1. I understand that your setting (@800) allows a faster shutter speed as your images show. You also get more saturation (beautiful colors here). The only potential downside might be loosing some shadow detail (which I can not judge on this medium). I have some Portra sitting down in the freezer (most likely expired); that’s why I am asking.

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