a little snow on ultrafine extreme 400.

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1920 Extreme 400 FM3a 35 007A week ago snow was predicted for our area. There was cold air coming from the north and with the normal moisture coming from the west snow would be the logical outcome. We bought food, filled our gas tanks, bought snowmelt, and paid our utility bills. Fortunately, the storms from the west ventured further north. Vancouver received 34 cm, which is over 13 inches of snow. We received between 1 to 2 inches. Just the right amount, beautiful but easy to deal with. I took out my Nikon FM3a, loaded it with Ultrafine Extreme 400 ( shot at 400), and attached the Nikon 35 1:2D Lens. The film was developed in HC-110(B) for 5 minutes, @20C. I agitated it 5 seconds every 30 seconds. I scanned the film with the Epson V850, using the Epson software.

1920 Extreme 400 FM3a 35 0181920 Extreme 400 FM3a 35 0211920 Extreme 400 FM3a 35 0161920 Extreme 400 FM3a 35 0311920 Extreme 400 FM3a 35 034

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