1720 XE Portra 800 Seattle 04 (2)I have been using Portra 400 and pushing it one-stop but I decided to shoot the 800 version of the film to see how it looks. I think I like the Portra 400 better but it is probably a matter of taste. These images were captured on the Nikon FA with the 50mm 1:2 and 28 2.8D Lens attached. The film was developed at Panda Lab in Seattle and scanned with the PrimeFilmXE scanner.

1720 XE Portra 800 Seattle 221720 XE Portra 800 Seattle 09-Edit1720 XE Portra 800 Seattle 031720 XE Portra 800 Seattle 081720 XE Portra 800 Seattle 291720 XE Portra 800 Seattle 10

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