seattle, january 19, fomopan 100@200.

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11220 Fomopan 100 Seattle FA 029-EditI had a few rolls of Fomopan 100 that I needed to use so I loaded up a roll in my Nikon FA with the Nikor 50mm 1:2 lens attached. I knew It would be difficult shooting at base ISO so I raised it 200. I could have raised it another stop but I wanted to see I could meet the challenge. I developed the film in R09 One Shot (1:25) for 5 minutes @20C, agitating every 30 seconds. I scanned the film with the Epson V850.

11220 Fomopan 100 Seattle FA 01311220 Fomopan 100 Seattle FA 01211220 Fomopan 100 Seattle FA 008 copy-Edit11220 Fomopan 100 Seattle FA 018-Edit11220 Fomopan 100 Seattle FA 027

4 Replies to “seattle, january 19, fomopan 100@200.”

  1. Beautiful photos, Steven. The saxophonist photo is especially nice. I’ve said it before, but you really do have a talent for capturing hands. Is there any particular reason you chose to scan these with the Epson instead of the XE?

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  2. I have had problems with films that the XE does not have a profile for. When I tried scanning Ultrafine Extreme 400 it gave me a mess but no image. I tried several including ‘Other” but nothing worked. I will try a scan of a fomopan image tonight. The XE is truly the better scanner in terms of resolution but it is harder to use.


    1. I see. Thanks for the explanation. I was curious because I know you own both scanners and as you say the XE is technically superior so I was wondering why you used the Epson instead. Unfortunately, it’s way out of my budget right now, but I’m hoping to buy an XE someday. So your experiences with it are helpful in giving me an idea what sort of challenges exist using it. Again, wonderful photos.

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