11420 FM3a 400TX Oly Life 027-EditLast week, on January 21st, Washington State had its own March for Life rally. 5000 people and one photographer with a Nikon FM3a braved the rain. I brought a Nikkor 50mm 1:2 and a 28mm 1:2.8D Lens. The camera was loaded with 400TX pushed to 1600 which was developed in HC-110(1:31). Somehow my notes on time were not entered on my Excel Spreadsheet but I think I developed the film for 7 minutes, 30 seconds, @20C. There were so many signs that I decided to focus on them for the event.  There was another demonstration the next day at Planned Parenthood in Olympia that was attended by about a 100 people and was created to publicize a bill that is being in reintroduced this session. That demonstration will be part 2 of this blog. https://rewire.news/legislative-tracker/law/washington-abolition-of-abortion-in-washington-act-hb-2154/

11420 FM3a 400TX Oly Life 002-Edit11420 FM3a 400TX Oly Life 028-Edit11420 FM3a 400TX Oly Life 00711420 FM3a 400TX Oly Life 008-Edit11420 FM3a 400TX Oly Life 006-Edit11420 FM3a 400TX Oly Life 023-Edit11420 FM3a 400TX Oly Life 032-Edit








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