seattle, january 19, portra 800.

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11120 XE Seattle Portra 800 36It has been almost 3 weeks since I shot this roll on my Nikon FM3a with the 50mm 1.8 Series E Lens. It is the only Series E Lens I have and it works fine. I have primarily used the Nikon 50 F2 Lens only because the lens is recessed which is good in the rain. The film was developed at Panda Lab in Seattle.

11120 XE Seattle Portra 800 1411120 XE Seattle Portra 800 0311120 XE Seattle Portra 800 17-Edit11120 XE Seattle Portra 800 2711120 XE Seattle Portra 800 41 (2)11120 XE Seattle Portra 800 2511120 XE Seattle Portra 800 24

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      1. It is difficult to judge what their moods are. I am catching them in 1/500 time and the next microsecond might reveal another mood entirely. I have images which show a grimace but all I remember is the smile or some other feeling being displayed in the interaction. Of course, the lack of sunshine can create a morose mood with most individuals and perhaps I am catching that.


  1. Those series E lenses are very good, a friend made a point of collecting a copy of each one. They may have been aimed at the budget end of the market, but Nikon didn’t stint on the glass.
    Like the look of the film, it has kept the reds under control. Must give it a try this summer, especially now I have C41 chemicals available. Oman just stopped importing them due lack of demand.

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