a trip to the leica store on t-max p3200.

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2820 Bellevue P3200 R4 50 1 001-EditThis last Sunday I went to the Leica Store at the Bellevue Mall. There was an exhibit starting featuring Romeo Okwara, a photographer who uses Leica Cameras and also plays for the Detroit Lions. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGkezrWiVIg) In honor of rangefinders, I brought my Voigtlander R4M with the 7Artisans 50 1.1 Lens attached. I had loaded the camera with Kodak T-Max P3200. I developed the film in HC-110(1:31) for 10 minutes, 15 seconds @20C. The film was agitated for the first 30 seconds, and 10 seconds once every minute thereafter. After the event, I walked through the mall and captured several images. There was a security guard who watched me for a couple of minutes but then walked away. Everyone had their phone out creating images. The Mall is beautiful. Great restaurants, live music, an Amazon bookstore, even a Tesla storefront, are just a few of the attractions.


2820 Bellevue P3200 R4 50 1 004 copy2820 Bellevue P3200 R4 50 1 0162820 Bellevue P3200 R4 50 1 0172820 Bellevue P3200 R4 50 1 0072820 Bellevue P3200 R4 50 1 030-Edit2820 Bellevue P3200 R4 50 1 033

6 Replies to “a trip to the leica store on t-max p3200.”

  1. Very impressive results from that fast film. The pianist shot is particularly nice for its contrast, composition and tonal range.

    I’ve been wondering if you ever used a rangefinder. That late Bessa does seem a good fit with your close-in style.

    I graduated from Bellevue High in 1958. It was a nice little up-scale community in those days, but there was no Leica store then, and I don’t recall a building in the town over two stories. It is like a different planet now.

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    1. I have both the R3M and the R4m Voigtlander cameras. The R3M needs one of the shutters fixed or it would have been used as it is more accommodating to the 50mm focal length. I need to take the time to practice shooting them for street photography. Zone focusing works with wide-angle but not with a 50mm as effectively. I will do a zone focus blog with a 25mm lens in the near future. I am also planning on purchasing a 28mm.


      1. >I am also planning on purchasing a 28mm.
        If digitals are allowed, you may consider Ricoh GRiii for a fixed ~28mm. May be a bit pricey compared to a lens-only choice, though.


      2. Currently, I shoot only an occasional “street” photograph (a recipe guaranteeing failure). And, when I do, I miss a viewfinder as well. I am not sure if this is because of my preconception of what a camera is. It may well be just because of my insistence to remain in the comfort zone (which seem to underlie some of my other behaviors, lately). Anyway, I find the grain of this film as seen on your images very pleasant.

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