beef day on the hill on hp5+.

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21220 XE HP5 Beef FM3a 10-EditLast year over 1 million head of cattle were slaughtered in Washington State. The total economic contribution of the beef industry to the state is 5.7 billion dollars. To help remind Legislators in Olympia of the importance of the beef industry the Washington Cattlemen’s Association hosts a yearly free lunch featuring their product, beef, during the legislative session. The event was held last Thursday. I brought my Nikon FM3a loaded with HP5+ which I shot at 400. The lenses I used were the Nikon 50mm 1:2 lens and the Voigtlander 28 1:2.8 lens. I developed the film in HC-110(1:31) for 5 minutes @20C.

21220 XE HP5 Beef FM3a 06-Edit21220 XE HP5 Beef FM3a 0721220 XE HP5 Beef FM3a 03 (2)-Edit21220 XE HP5 Beef FM3a 27-Edit21220 XE HP5 Beef FM3a 17-Edit21220 XE HP5 Beef FM3a 15

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